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About Flipside

We all look for something different when we’re after great design. And that’s what Flipside does. We design things differently, and we design things better – which is why we’re called Flipside.

We look at design solutions from a different perspective, a view from ‘the other side’ – the Flipside. A view that injects personality, style, beauty, imagination, humour and wit into creative design solutions for a whole host of independent lifestyle brands. Lovely folk from the food, sports and fitness, music and fashion industry and we’re proud to share that our clients love our Flipside approach. One that goes against the grain, sets design trends, defines the right marketing channel and in return our clients retain the customers they desire and attract the new ones they want.

Cutting our design teeth in the record industry – designing independent album covers and waxing lyrical for some of uber cool surf and skate brands. Your could say Flipside was raised on a healthy diet of music, fashion, free-sports and stylish lifestyle brands. We also love being involved in branding for artists, promotion for festivals and have been lucky enough to work with boutique restaurants, hotels and coffee houses.

So how do we keep generating cutting edge, fresh new solutions? Our team, that’s how. We believe in total creative free-spirit and will only collaborate with most talented creative minds who join forces with us on a project-by-project basis. Every project is different. So every project deserves a Flipside bespoke team.


What does a lifestyle brand mean to Flipside? A lifestyle brand means choice, personality, tone of voice, identity, tribe, belonging, enhancement, being different… making better.

Everyone of us has a type of lifestyle. And brands help us to make our everyday choices that much easier. They help shape our identities from deciding what to wear in the morning to which coffee bean to buy. But brands today have to fight harder than ever to cut through the noise and conjure up different creative ways of catching the customer’s eye and take notice. To top this, the variety of communication channels are varied and demanding. Whilst lifestyle brands can now engage with their audience in a more direct, personal way, knowing which marketing channel is best and the most effective requires strategic thinking. And of course a brand ‘image’ that’s been brilliantly designed to stand out amongst the competition and one that really connects.


Flipside has been delivering great design for many years. We’ve worked with some brilliant clients such as Affordable Art Fair, Orange, Sweet bird smoothies, Coors brewery, Airculture, Bristol Museum, Village Green Soaps, Nike, Elusive Surf, plus some local gems like Jacobs Coffee House, Bath Film Festival and Mokoko. We attract companies or individuals who are open to captivating, exciting and progressive work. We love what we do. Hearing from happy clients and seeing the impact of our design makes us happy too.

So what makes good design?

We believe good design is both innovative but appropriate, it’s beautiful but at the same time communicates your message effectively and creatively, on budget, on time. We also believe good design works for the profitability of the company and so is a worthy every penny of your investment.


Some services we offer are:
• Brand identity
• Print design
• Packaging
• Motion graphics
• Exhibition design
• Responsive website design
• Illustration
• Animation
• Character development

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Project Management

We have a proven robust process for delivering effective branding and design solutions on time and within budget. We find the key to success is up front planning and clear agreements throughout. Our methodology focuses on four key stages.

Four key stages

1.Define: Consult, Brief, Deliverables, Strategy and Planning
2.Design: Creative, Content and Structure
3.Develop: Amend and Evolve
4.Deploy: Launch and ongoing management