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Airculture is a bricks and mortar skate, surf and street wear shop based in Bude, Cornwall. Selling a selection of clothing, footwear and skateboards. Airculture has slowly moved away from predominately bought in brands to grow its own unique ranges. Flipside has worked with Airculture for over 10 years on clothing and merchandise graphics, ranging from t-shirts, to hats, to mugs and stickers.
Airculture wanted to rebrand its core logo and create a fashion brand with wider appeal, not just appealing to the surf and skateboard market; less urban and more Kernafornia.
Airculture’s location next to the sea and their distinct shop porch are symbolised in the new logo badge, combined with a crafted cursive logotype. The circle icon is also used separately as a badge icon on clothing as well as combined with the logotype.
We’ve rolled out the identity across promotional material, signage and the online shopping website.

t-shirt design Cornwall
airculture Cornwall t-shirt design
T-shirt design Cornwall
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Airculture shirt design