EVES bakery New York bagels

You can never go wrong with a classic New York style bagel chip. Flipside embraced the New York theme across the packaging of the 3 flavours, with a strong photographic treatment on the brands packaging, which stands up against the competition. With a typographic badge that echoes the bagel shape and colour coding to differentiate the flavours on the packs.

Eves Bakery Bagel Chips are lightly seasoned, crunchy, and made from the best natural ingredients. They make the perfect chip to dip in spreads, salsas, and dips of your choice. They are the perfect companion for salsa, hummus, or your choice of dip. With plenty of flavour to enjoy on their own, these chips are packed with crunch and delicious texture. You won’t want to throw a party without them.

Eves Bakery Bagel Chips are undeniably filled with flavour and baked with care. This snack gives New York lovers another way to indulge in the unrivalled taste of a classic NY bagel.