Mara coffee Bristol packaging design

Mara Coffee

Mara Coffee is a speciality coffee subscription service based in the Bristol UK, showcasing the best African coffee. Mara Coffee shares the best speciality coffee from Africa with their customers and inspires further discovery. Mara offers African specialty coffee subscriptions providing new varieties every month. They are the only UK high-end specialty African coffee subscription service with exceptional taste and quality.

The Mara coffee brand values taste, quality and variety. It is smart, and sophisticated brand with good taste. With a passion for adventure, knowledge and inspiration.

After our branding Q & A and consultation with Mara coffee, we came up with a number of branding and packaging routes based around their story and positioning. These were then developed with Mara to the final branding and packaging solution.

The logo monogram ‘M’ and a ‘C’ are combined in a stylised manner to represent a African landscape with a large sun. The ‘M’ takes the form of mountains, making reference to Kenyan landscape, but also highlights the important aspect of altitude and the perfect growing conditions for coffee beans. The ‘C’ represents Africa’s hot climate in the form of a large sun.

The colour coded packaging for coffee and tea cartons, feature a illustration of a patterned African mask, these are de-bossed and foiled together with the logo to give a premium feel to the product. Complimentary coloured labels, that are digitally printed, can be changed monthly, in order to label the products contents, which changes frequently due to the small batch production of the selected African coffee farms. These are packaged in a simple branded delivery box to be sent out each month, with coffee information cards that are placed inside.

Mara coffee Bristol packaging design and branding
Subscription delivery box packaging design