MOKOKO cakes

In the spring of 2016 Mokoko opened a coffee shop in the fabulous area of Wapping Wharf in Bristol. This new shop would also be home to our brand new open plan bakery, with customers who we could talk to, who could in turn watch us chop, weigh, mix, knead and bake to their heart’s content.

Today Mokokos bakery make a number of cakes that after much essential taste testing, have been refined and tweaked to perfection including well known classics and some funky new numbers.

Mokoko have spent years crafting and developing award-winning recipes. Mokoko take the time to hand make all of our products from scratch in our multi-award-winning bakery. Winning awards for their commitment to local sourcing and the quality of their products, they make cakes using traditional methods and ingredients you’re familiar with. Whether you are a cafe supplying cake to your customers, or looking to enjoy cake at home or on a special occasion, they have the perfect cake for you, available soon, delivered to your door in branding, graphic design,  and packaging design by Flipside studio. With art directed photography of the beautiful ingredients used for the tray baked cakes.