Mokoko is a coffee shop in Baths shopping development area, Southgate, together with their shops in Abbey Churchyard, Bristol Wapping Wharf and Portishead’s Marina. Mokoko Bristol larger site in Wapping Wharf, offers an in-house bakery and open kitchen. The core of the business is reflected in the menu; to offer spectacularly good speciality coffees and cakes.

Mokoko brand identity fresh, simple, clean monochrome marque, appealing to adults of all ages that steers away from main stream competition and at the same time recognised for a focused and specialized approach towards coffee. The scientific clean feel of the identity reflects Mokoko’s dedication to the art of delivering great coffee, with exacting standards.

Flipside developed Mokoko’s brand, responsive website and online shop. Plus Mokoko’s coffee brand and packaging, the coffee range celebrates its country of origin with fun, bright surface graphics and illustrations inspired by the countries folk art, fashion and design. The coffee packaging comes in 250g and 1kg packets and are available instore from all of the 4 shops, Bristol, Porishead and two in Bath. Available in the online shop at


Logo Identity design / Branding / Ideas generation / Trend forecasting / Illustration / Packaging design / website design

Jake from MOKOKO comments

“The careful thoughts behind creating branding that connects our values and ideas with our customers is immeasurably important. From day one of trading the spirit of our brand has connected with our customers and allowed us to be so much more than ‘another cafe’. The commitment Flipside have towards understanding the clients vision allowing a  successful end design to emerge has been critical to us achieving trading with positive monentum from day one and  equally provided us with a raft of ideas on how we can build upon the spirit of the branding in the future.”