Sports drinks packaging design

The Body Camp

The Body Camp is a holistic lifestyle transformation. An exceptional, luxury fitness camp where you can reach your personal fitness and weight-loss goals, focus your mind and learn how to cook delicious nutritious food.

High end, exclusive private location, set within terraced gardens, The Body Camp stunning villa enjoys some of the most spectacular views of Ibiza. with a programme of diet and exercise to see you well on the way to a healthier, happier, lighter life.

The brand drivers to sell the ‘The Body Camp’ lifestyle are Sporty, fresh and happy with a high spa feel this reflected in the brand, product packaging, apparel and responsive website design.

The latest addition to the Body Camps Range of products and services are three delicious plant based supplement sports powders, excellent for boosting performance and aiding recovery. Perfect mixed with your favourite plant based milk, protein porridge, energy balls and for baking!

Sports drinks packaging
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