BRAND TIPS: How do we create a branding brief?

At Flipside we often get asked to work on branding and positioning for clients, the key to this is to define the business and create a great brief. So, this is an outline to how we help our clients to do this.

Whether you are looking to build a business brand or rebranding due to changes in the market you need to define your purpose. Why are you here and what is your core purpose? It is essential to have a good understanding of your market, product and services and where you want to take your business next.

Look at the competition.
It really helps to ask:
• Who does it best in your industry?
• How do they look?
• How do they talk and interact with their customers?

Now, how can I be better or different?
Define your values. A unique set of values that match your customers needs, quality and good working practice should be sought in any business.

Think of distinctive values that make you special and different.
• Why do you do what you do?
• What is important about how you run your business and treat your customers?
• What will you be known for?
Write down all the values that you think are important considering these factors, then group these and refine them down to just three. E.g. Natural, High End, Authentic

So that the values arent those of the individual personality and are more that of how the business wants to represent itself, a good task is to take your company or individuals and look at the values in separate groups. By doing so, when you regroup you can get a good idea to whether the company is on the same page, and focus on what the business values should be.
• Get as much feedback as possible.
• Ask staff and customers how you are currently perceived?
• Does this match your values? How do you want to be perceived?
What are we here for, who are our customers for our products or services?
Research your market. Get an idea of where your customers shop, what they drive, their ages, what magazines or blogs they read, where they hang out etc.

By gathering this information, you will know how you can talk to them in the right way, both visually and verbally.

This can take the form of a focused text and visual moodboard, colours, images, typography or maybe pieces of written text.

In conclusion, an example might be
• You are an aspirational brand selling natural and delicious beverages for the high-end market
• Your values are natural, high end, authentic
• With a core purpose to sell best tasting Lemonade on the planet to help people live well and happy.

You know who the competition is and how you are different. You know who your audience is and how you want to talk to them.

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