Food lifestyle trends for 2024 and beyond!

New proteins
Plant based is now mainstream, arguably even experiencing a plateau; but focus is now on the other key pillars of alt protein – high end meat alternatives, less processed meat alternatives, cultivated (aka lab made), fermentation (both biomass and precision), and molecular farming (growing protein… in plants!).

The ambient aisle is going through a revolution; tins and jars are going gourmet, meal solutions are getting a global makeover, instant noodles and pasta are reimagined, rice dishes come biting at their heels – and last but not least, there’s powdered… everything.

The future is now, and there’s no need to be scared; rather, it’s an exciting time to think about how we can harness the power of AI in conjunction with the wisdom of human intelligence, to (amongst other things) speed up scientic breakthroughs, reduce costs and ineciencies in the food system, improve consumer experience and drive creativity. A new era of convenience will emerge as technology streamlines meal planning, shopping and cooking.

Everything old, is new…unabashedly retro dishes from the 50s through to the 80s are back in vogue – from appetisers to mains to desserts. All served on vintage crockery of course, and paired with classic tipples like dirty martinis or sherry cocktails.

Mushroom Magic
Mushrooms shine in the culinary world for their plant-based prowess, nutritional richness, versatility, and meaty texture. Set to flourish in 2024, brands eagerly integrate mushrooms as a prominent meat substitute. Enthusiasts explore diverse dishes, fostering a mushroom renaissance through easy home cultivation.

Climate change is threatening our livelihood, so we need to prioritise the planet. Regenerative farming practices are vital to protecting our soil and crops; so too are sustainable aquaculture practices to protect our underwater ecosystems.

Plant power
There’s power in plants! Some start-ups and scientists are turning plants into ‘protein factories’ through molecular farming, and others are using gene-editing technology to give plants different advantages – e.g. to enhance the flavour or nutritional content of crops, or reduce undesirable traits. Both approaches have the potential to revolutionise the quality, availability, and sustainability of our food supply.

Healthy ageing
People are leveraging the power of genetics, biology, neuroscience and nutrition to ‘hack’ their unique biology – to not just live longer, but also live better. Because one size does not fit all… For
some it’s about simple day-to-day choices like changes to diet, meditation and breath work to feel better as we age; others think further outside the box, looking to digi-health and beyond to not just slow down ageing – but perhaps even reverse it. Healthy ageing will be redefined by debunking ‘old’ stigmas and prioritising extending consumers’. healthy years.

Processed debate
The debate around ‘ultra processed’ foods continues, as we better understand the links between what we eat now – and our long-term health down the road. There’s a lot yet to unpack about the definition of ultra-processed, and why these foods are so prevalent – but in the meantime, ‘You Are What You Eat’ is an ever more relevant mantra. We can construct any food we want, these can be healthy or unhealthy, so clear communication will become necessary to help consumers make informed decisions about how processed and ultra-processed food and drink fit into their diets.

Movers and shakers
Drinks products and flavours from the Far East, think ginger, lemongrass. Flavoured tea and tea infusion in a cocktail, wide range of flavour opportunities including smoky, fruity, spicy and herbaceous flavours. Vegan friendly drinks, no animal products used in production for filtering, or containing any dairy. Tequila is going to continue to grow as a 2024 drinks trend. Spritz category will continue to diversify with new brands and flavour combinations hitting bars and shelves in 2024

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