Festival trends

We love a great festival here at Flipside. Here’s our round-up of 2017’s biggest festival trends:

1. Live streaming
360 streaming allows users to share their festival experience with friends and connect with fellow revellers. It also brings digital audiences closer to the real thing. Add VR technology to the mix, and remote users will soon be guaranteed the best headliner seats in the house without a soggy tent or portaloo in sight.

2. RFID & Smart Cards
Organisers are fast embracing wearable technology. Think RFID wristbands for speedy ticketless entry, or pre-paid smart cards for cashless purchases. And once linked to their social networks, users have endless ways to engage with other festival goers. Data collected through this technology also allows for attendee profiling for more customised future events.

3. Personalisation
Providing a personalised experience is increasingly important to event organisers. Data collected through social media sites and wearable technology will help create a more bespoke journey for attendees. Through email suggestions, messages and chatbots, people will have more control and be able to dictate their own unique festival experience.

4. Food & Drink
Foodie festivals continue to up the stakes as they celebrate not only local and ethical produce, but focus on healthy and playful eating. Think brain food for productivity and interactive food stations. The craft beer and cider markets continue to thrive, while niche festivals for vegans, gin connoisseurs and even coffee lovers are lined up throughout the year.

5. Nostalgia
Expect to see retro activities like Jenga, Twister and even roller skating popping up at festivals. Gamers will also be offered a trip down memory lane… anyone for Tetris or Sonic? Or if you’re looking for something more traditional, you’ll find craft workshops offering an immersive, shared experience to learn skills like wood carving, knitting and basket weaving.

6. VIP/Luxury experiences
Several festivals offer ‘top up’ VIP packages to improve your festival experience. Many perks include all-access badges, first priority booking, VIP tent access, and luxury camping with flushing toilets and proper showers. There’s even a prediction of self-driving taxis on the horizon, taking you from the airport or hotel directly to your event.

7. Holistic/leisure activities
With a full-on schedule, festivals are increasingly providing revellers with holistic activities away from the hustle and noise of festival life. Yoga and meditation sessions, along with massage and beauty treatments, allow festival goers a chance to relax and recharge, while offering a chance to interact with each other in a peaceful environment.

8. Niche events
With the shift towards personalisation, organisers are laying on smaller events for niche areas of their markets. By catering to more specific audiences, festivals can provide a more competitive and intimate experience. From embracing the art of hygge to indulging in chocolate heaven, there’s a festival in 2017 to suit everyone.

9. Not forgetting tortoise racing!

Enjoy the festival season folks!