Get some character. Characters in packaging design

I have a love of character design, whether it’s Asian inspired, urban, retro or faux vintage. Being a creative that has had experience in packaging design, I have a particular interest in character design to sell products. or FMCGS

I’ve selected a few I found to be inspiring, putting aside the more traditionally humanised animal characters and monsters that were and still are used to sell children’s cereals and sweets. Not that I don’t like Tony the tiger!

But there is a popular and fun trend to sell adult’s consumer goods (anything from wine, beer to beauty products) with an array of characters. Whether it’s a stereotype used as a reference to a country of origin, a retro nostalgic nod to a romanticised time of old, a quirky cute and likeable blob, or a cheeky endorsement by a curvy pin up! It’s a fun and entertaining way to give your product personality and add all important character.

If you are interested in character development for your next packaging project or branding exercise please get in touch, we’d love to have some fun creating it!