What goes around, comes around: Steve Edge Great story. Dress for the party… “Communication is about more than words on a page.  It is about context that brings about an emotional response even before the words are read.  To create that, we need to dig into our own intuition rather than simply thinking it through.” […]

A few visual and innovative treats we’ve come across this week at Flipside, through work and play.   1.Motion graphics: Method designs, Motion capture piece, dynamic, colourful, awesome!   “Method Design wanted to create an entertaining piece of design that encapsulates the innovative and prolific nature of this industry. Our aim was to showcase the AICP […]

I have a love of character design, whether it’s Asian inspired, urban, retro or faux vintage. Being a creative that has had experience in packaging design, I have a particular interest in character design to sell products. or FMCGS I’ve selected a few I found to be inspiring, putting aside the more traditionally humanised animal […]

This article will offer a guide to branding, and a few general pointers when working with Flipside. Idea, research and preparation is key Once you have your product or service, you need to choose an agency to brand and promote it. We believe ideas, preparation and research are key to any project. We can also […]